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Why investing every month is the way to go

A short read on how investing monthly can become greatly beneficial over time.

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Being a millennial myself, I have come to realize over the past years that many people, especially within my generation tend to have fears surrounding the subject of investing. Often their lack of experience and the fact that they think that they do not earn enough money to invest tend to be the main stoppers when it comes to them taking that first step towards investing. While the investing landscape has changed for the better in the past years, making investing much more accessible, there still seems to be this untrue notion in the air that investing is not for everyone. Nowadays, you do not need a lot of money and experience to get started. Investment apps make it possible to sometimes even invest starting with 1 euro. While this might seem an insignificant amount, for those who want to invest regularly over a long period of time, this will certainly not seem so insignificant anymore by the end of your journey. Today we would like to share with you why we think investing every month is a great way to grow your wealth in the long run.

The relationship between volatility and time

Many investors wonder when is the best time to invest. This is a worry that falls away when you invest on a monthly basis over a long period of time. The advantage that comes along with this lies in the relationship between volatility and time. In general, when you decide to invest over a long-term horizon, the overall volatility of your investments tends to go down compared to short-term horizons. Your investments become more resistant to any possible dips in the market that might occur over time simply because you have more time to recover from them.

The earlier you start investing, the better

There is no need to feel pressured to invest huge amounts of money every month. Even if you only feel comfortable investing €25 per month, this can be very effective if you do it over a long period of time. The key lies in the length of your investment horizon. The earlier you start investing the better. The longer your investment horizon is, the more time you have to invest every month, and the bigger your total investment will be over the long run. Imagine you start investing €25 per month between the ages of 20 and 50. Let’s say you start investing in one of the thematic portfolios on the Beewise investment app. In this scenario, you could potentially have made a profit of around €23,500 by the age of 50.* However, if you had only decided to start investing the same monthly amount with Beewise starting at the age of 30 you would have only been able to receive a potential profit of €7,500 by the time you are 50.* Quite a big difference right?

*The estimated value is purely an example, is not guaranteed, it could be susceptible to variations. Such projections do not constitute a reliable indicator of future results as they are based on past data.

Good habits lead to financial wealth

It is such a simple concept but also very true. Good habits are the key to achieving financial wealth over time. Putting in place some rules when it comes to your finances adds a structure to your financial wealth and will help you, in the long run, to be more disciplined when it comes to your investments. Turning monthly investments into a habit is a great way to make sure that you do not slack off and stay on track to achieve your financial targets. The most convenient moment to invest every month tends to be right after you have received your salary. By doing this, you can rest assured that your monthly investment has already been put aside and won’t end up not being able to invest at the end of the month because you already spent it.


It is important to keep in mind that while in theory, it would be best to invest a fixed amount every month, the good thing about monthly investments is that you can always increase it or decrease it over time if your circumstances change, which will only impact the time within you will achieve your goal.

The ideal amount to invest monthly

So what is the ideal amount to invest monthly? There is one popular method that can help you figure out what could be a good amount to invest each month. Often people tend to use the 50/30/20 rule. This means that in an ideal situation you can use 50% of your income for necessities, 30% of your income for wants and 20% should go to paying off debts or savings. This means that whatever is left of this 20% of your income after paying off debts can be used for your savings or monthly investments. Just keep in mind that you should not invest all your savings as you never know when you might end up in an unexpected situation in which you have additional costs. You always want to make sure that you have an emergency fund.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that this will encourage you to take upon the great habit of investing monthly. If you are interested in starting to invest monthly, we recommend taking a look at the Beewise app, which allows anyone including beginners to invest monthly in meaningful thematic portfolios starting €10.

Noémie Van Maercke
June 2022