Okay, but
how does it work?

Forget paper contracts, with us everything is done on your smartphone. The app guides you step by step. It’s impossible to get lost, and so easy to get started.

Create an account

Set your goal

Start investing

Keep it all under control

Create an account.

All that's needed is your personal info, proof of ID that you can scan with your smartphone and a smile for a confirmation selfie.

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Set your goal.

First you choose your goal (Trip? Car? Chiringuito in the Caribbean?), then you select a portfolio to achieve it.

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Start investing.

Link your bank account and start paying in, you decide when and how much. Your goal is already closer than it was 10 minutes ago.

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Keep it all under control.

In your dashboard, you can see everything: from your balance to your funds' trend. And you can of course create another goal.

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Any questions?

Take a look at our FAQ.