Invest easily.

Investing. You thought it wasn’t for you, that it would be hard, only for people in Finance. And you were right. In Azimut, we’ve been doing it for 30 years: it does take experience.

However, we believe that everyone should have a right to invest. So we created Beewise. Because we’re convinced that each and everyone should have the chance to see their savings grow.

All in one app

We want the world of investments to be accessible even to those who don’t know where to begin. But that’s not enough for us. We also want the planet to thrive, and the lives of its inhabitants.

Hence why we’re offering you diversified thematic portfolios, an experience like no other with a very high-level cyber security. All this, simply in an app.

Our team.

Matthias Van Den Eede

Founder - Belgian

“Set yourself free from limiting beliefs. Believe and soon things will happen."

As Azimut's Business Development Manager, Matthias took the initiative to start the Beewise project from zero and turn it into the investment app it is today. He oversees all daily activities and makes sure that everything keeps running smoothly from sales to marketing to the more technical aspects.

Davide Pascali

Portfolio Manager - Italian

"You will never stop improving if you keep challenging yourself and embracing change".

Davide has been working for several years as analyst and junior Portfolio Manager for Azimut. He joined the Beewise project with the responsibility of creating and managing the thematic portfolios on the Beewise app with the Azimut Global team.

Noémie Van Maercke

Digital Marketing Specialist - Belgian

“Seeing the beauty of everything in life will open up a whole new world of endless possibilities”.

Noémie works on both the creative and strategic side of the marketing to put our pin on the map and connect those who want to invest in topics that truly matter with our brand. She is responsible for concept ideation, content creation and the strategy behind the marketing.

Irem Öneş

Blog curator - Turkish

"Being able to lose the fear of looking like a beginner will later grant you the ability to fly".

With Irem's experience and wide background in finance as Global Business Director in Turkey, she is responsible for writing the financial education section of our Beewise Magazine. Through these blogs, she wants to immerse Beewisers in the world of Finance and teach them some of the most essential financial concepts.

Marcella Pintacrona

Customer Success Specialist - Italian

"Perfection is difficult to achieve. But if we inspire each other to pursue perfection, we can attain excellence."

As a Customer Success Specialist, Marcella is responsible for guiding all Beewisers towards product excellence and customer satisfaction. Thanks to her communication skills and technical expertise, we can rest assured that our customers are in good hands.

Marco Fabbi

Quality Assurance Specialist - Italian

"Success is created by perseverance, failure is key to get better every day."

As our Quality Assurance Specialist, Marco makes sure everything works properly on the Beewise app when there is a new app release or a new feature. He tests every single aspect of the app, both front-end and back-end, to ensure that no bugs occur for our clients and they can have the smoothest user experience possible.

Arthur Boussou

IT Manager - French-Ivorian

"Every second that passes is an irretrievable century! Save your time and enjoy it."

Arthur is an essential part of the Beewise team. He analyses the IT infrastructure of the app and supports our development team as the app evolves to ensure that the Beewise app continuously stays secure and works optimally.

Where have we met?

18th of January 2023

Azimut’s Annual Conference

Azimut Group continues to expand its fintech initiatives in 2023, and Beewise has a big role in this.

6th of October 2022

Milan Fintech Summit

Future financial services will be democratic and purposeful. The aim is to create value for the whole society.

20-21 September 2022

Azimut Innovation Day

An event on the innovation of financial advisory. A chance to delve into successful startups and Beewise news.

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