Beewise is a free investment app that allows you to invest starting from €10. Through our app you can start investing your monthly savings to achieve your goals.

The Beewise brand was launched by Azimut in 2022. The project was an initiative to make investing easier and more accessible through a new approach. All Beewise portfolios are managed by highly experienced portfolio managers at Azimut’s global team. Azimut’s know-how and financial support have been essential to become successful. You can find out more about Azimut’s funds here.

Azimut is one of Europe’s largest independent asset managers and the leading one in Italy. The company was founded in Italy in 1989, and has a global outreach with 18 investment and distribution hubs around the world.

The Group’s business model is unique and is based on a full integration between portfolio management and distribution. Azimut Group currently has almost 100 Investment Professionals based around the world and a proprietary network of over 2,000 Financial Advisors working exclusively for Azimut.

Azimut acts as a withholding agent pursuant to article 10 ter of Law 77/1973 and therefore applies taxation on behalf of the client. This means that you do not have to indicate the income received in the tax return or in the 730.

You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

During step 3 of the onboarding process, you can review onboarding documents. These documents include the Information Brochure and the onboarding package. First, you have to review the Information Brochure by clicking on it and then you can proceed with reading the onboarding package. Once you have gone through all pre-contract documents, you will have to confirm you have read them and sign the contract with the verification code received by text message.

You can either connect your bank account or Satispay to pay in the Beewise app. If you decide to use Satispay as your payment method, you will be subject to a 1% transaction cost.

Beewise allows you to connect to most Italian banks. You can find all banks supported by Beewise here. If you cannot find your bank on the list, please contact our customer support at support@beewiseapp.com so we can try to help you further.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to link a PayPal or Revolut bank account to the Beewise app. You can find an overview of all banks that can be used to invest with Beewise through the following link.

During the onboarding process, you will need to select your bank. You will then need to fill in the required information and give us consent to access the necessary information to link your bank account to the app. Once all your information has been verified, your bank should connect to the app and you can start funding your goals.

Our onboarding process exists out of 5 steps. After the first step, you can already start exploring the app. However, if you want to complete the onboarding process to start investing you will have to connect your bank account eventually in step 4 of the onboarding process.

Simply use your 6-digit PIN, fingerprint or face ID. In case you have not logged in within the previous 30 days you will have to provide your email address and password too.

Beewise has been created with the purpose of making investing easier and more accessible to those who do not know much about investing yet. This means that beginners can start investing through the Beewise app without having a background in investing. You can count on the Azimut global team who manages the portfolios to make sure your funds are in good hands. Beewise regularly writes blogs on many different topics, including financial educational topics. This is a great source for beginners to start learning more about investing. If you are interested in finding out more you can check out our blogs.

No. We do not have any entry or exit fees on the Beewise app.

You can find all costs in our KIID, which can be found for each of our portfolios on our website:

If you decide to use Satispay as your payment method in the Beewise app, you will be subject to a 1% transaction cost.


To create an account on Beewise you will have to go through 3 steps:

1. Personal informationEnter your email and mobile number to create your credentials.

2. Verify your identity – You’ll need a valid government issued document like a passport or ID card.

3. Tax information – You’ll need to enter your tax ID and residential address.

The onboarding process exists out of 5 steps. These steps include creating your account, answering a few questions to discover your investor profile, setting up your goals, linking your bank account, and finally funding your goal.

Filling in the 5 onboarding steps should on average take around 15 minutes. However, keep in mind that after the linking your bank account step, we will have to verify all the given information. Usually, this will be verified in direct time and will be done in a matter of seconds. However, if some of the information you filled in is flagged or needs further verification, the process may take longer.

During the onboarding process, it is not possible to change certain sections. However, once you are onboarded you can change your information.

We need all the necessary information to be filled in during the onboarding process to be compliant and provide you with the best service.

When you start creating your account, you will be asked to create a PIN to secure your account. You can simply create your PIN by entering 6 numbers of preference.

For those who prefer using a face scan over a password, we offer that as a second option too, but you do still need to install a PIN in case the face scan doesn’t work.

If you have not received a verification code by SMS or email you can request to receive a new verification code. If you still do not receive your verification code, please contact us at support@beewiseapp.com.

During your account creation, after you have created your PIN, you will see a pop-up screen suggesting to enable the Biometric ID function. You can also enable it later in your Profile Dashboard.

You can verify your identity through your passport or national identity card.

If your identity verification failed, please try again. The failure could have been caused by a glare on your identity document or due to the low quality of the picture. If your second trail fails again, please contact our customer support at customerservice@beewiseapp.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

Go to the “Did you forget your PIN?” button, and provide your email address and password. This will allow you to enter your new PIN so you can proceed to the dashboard.

Go to the​ “Did you forget your password?”​ button. Next, click on send code, go to your email inbox to find the verification code, and fill it in on the app as requested. You will then be able to choose your new password, which will be updated immediately. Once this process has been completed you can proceed to the dashboard.

Go to the​ “Did you forget your email?”​ button and fill in your PIN. This will lead you to a partial preview of your email address, so you can then fill in your correct email address and password to log into your Beewise account.

Your PIN is a 6-digit number that you will choose to access the Beewise app and authorize activities like payments. Your password will exist out of a minimum of 8 characters. You will only need to use your password to log into your Beewise account after more than 30 days of inactivity, or if you forgot your PIN.

To delete your account, you can go to your Profile Dashboard and click on the three buttons at the right top. There you can withdraw all your funds and eventually delete your account. You will then receive a confirmation email once the delete my account request is completed.

You can disconnect your bank account in the Profile Dashboard but this will have a big impact. You will first have to stop all your investments on the Beewise app and withdraw your funds. Only then you can disconnect your bank account. If you still want to continue your investments we rather recommend changing your bank account connected to the Beewise app.

In case you need your transaction history, tax reports, annual reports or agreements, you can find them in your Profile Dashboard in the “Investment documents” section.

You can change the language in the Beewise app by going to your Profile Dashboard where you will find the settings section. There you will be able to change the language as preferred to English or Italian.

If you would like us to delete your personal information, you simply will have to withdraw your investments on the Beewise app (if you have any) and request to delete your account by going to your Profile Dashboard, clicking on the three dots on the top right side of your screen (next to your name), and clicking on ‘Delete account’. If you have any further doubts, you can always contact us at customerservice@beewiseapp.com

It is recommended to not change too often your bank account as this may be considered suspicious activity. However, if you do need to do it you can change your bank account by going to Profile > Bank Account > Manage account > Change bank account.

Once you have connected your new bank account to the Beewise app you will have to fill in your PIN, and click on the authorize button. As requests are reviewed and approved manually, it is important to note that you will not be able to transact in the period between switching bank accounts. Once your bank account information has been updated you can continue your usual activities.

At the moment only Italian residents, older than 18 years, can invest with Beewise. However, we are planning on expanding to more countries soon.

Existing Azimut clients cannot currently invest with Beewise. If you are already a client of the Azimut family, please contact your financial advisor for more information if needed.

We are currently working on a solution that allows current clients to invest on the Beewise application as well. You can send an email to customer support to stay up to date with any future changes.

Only US citizens who are not eligible for taxes in the United States can currently invest with Beewise.

Yes, you will have to declare your additional citizenship when you are filling in your personal information during your account creation. We will then ask for more details such as your additional citizenship country and tax ID.

Go to the Investments Dashboard to find all your goals created so far.

Go to “Investments”, where you can create a goal. Here, you can set:

  • Your goal name
  • Your target balance
  • Your timeline to achieve the goal

You can add funds to a goal either through the activity or investments dashboard.

Unfortunately, you cannot connect a goal to several portfolios. If you do want to invest in several portfolios, you will have to create a new goal for each portfolio. What you can do, however, is connect several goals to the same portfolio.

There is no limit to the number of goals you can create.

Go to the details section on your goal and click on “When do you want to reach it?”. Here you can adapt the year you want to achieve your goal by scrolling up or down.

Congratulations! You did a great job. When you reach a goal, it is ultimately up to you if you eventually want to continue investing or want to withdraw your funds.

Yes. Go to the details section on your goal and click on the three dots at the right top. Here you can choose to rename your goal name. You can also change your target balance or timeline below if needed.

Go to the details section on your goal, find the three dots at the right top, and click on delete goal. You will then have to confirm that you want to withdraw all your funds from that goal. Your funds will be transferred to your linked bank account within 5 business days.

When you want to start investing on Beewise you will first need to create a goal that you want to achieve within a certain amount of time. This goal will then have to be connected to one of our portfolios.

In total, you can choose between 5 diversified thematic portfolios that each have three different fund profiles. Once you have chosen which portfolio to connect to your goal, you can add funds to that goal and start investing. You can from then onwards decide whenever you want to add more funds or withdraw your funds from that goal.

You can start investing with as little as €10.

When you create a goal, you have to decide what your target balance is and within which timeline you want to achieve it. Each time you add funds to your goal, you can choose the amount you want to invest. To help you stay on track to reach your goal, you can also see how much you should ideally invest each month.

Disclaimer: The estimated value is not guaranteed, it could be susceptible to variations. Such projections do not constitute a reliable indicator of future results.

Yes. You can find the overview of your investments in the Activity Dashboard, and the overview of your profits and smart tips in the Home Dashboard. In case you would like to see the performance of a specific goal, this will be visible in the Investments Dashboard.

You can see an overview of your spendings in the Spending Dashboard. There you can find detailed information such as your weekly and monthly spendings, your budgets, transactions and spendings for each spending category. You can search for specific transactions in the search bar or can use filters to find what you are looking for.

On the performance graph you can see how your investment has performed since the first day you started investing, together with your total investment and profits earned at the top. On the projections* graph you can see how your investments are expected to perform in the future.

* The estimated value is not guaranteed, it could be susceptible to variations. Such projections do not constitute a reliable indicator of future results.

To see potential projections* for your investments, you have to go to your Investments Dashboard where you can click on the specific goal you are interested in seeing the potential projections for. You will then see at the top of your screen the projections section.

* The estimated value is not guaranteed, it could be susceptible to variations. Such projections do not constitute a reliable indicator of future results.

Yes, if you turn on your monthly investment reminder, you will receive a reminder each month. Keep in mind, this is just a reminder, so you will still need to approve the payment manually each time.

In case you are paying with Satispay in the Beewise app, you have the option to set up an automatic monthly payment without having to give your approval each time again.

You can activate monthly investment reminders by going to the Activity Dashboard. There you will see the “monthly investment reminders” section where you can find all the goals you created. You can then choose for which specific goals you want to activate a monthly investment reminder.

Yes. You can stop investing at any point. However, we do not recommend disinvesting too soon, as investing for only a short amount of time might not give you as great results with regards to profit compared to long run investments.

You can disinvest by going to the Activity dashboard. At the top, you can click on the withdraw button and choose for which goal you want to withdraw your profits. You can then choose which amount you want to withdraw, and confirm your withdrawal with your PIN. This amount will automatically be transferred to your bank account within 5 business days. If you choose to withdraw more than 90%, we automatically withdraw the full 100% of your portfolio due to NAV calculations.

When a user decides to withdraw profits from the Beewise app it usually takes 5 business days. If you are experiencing any troubles and have been waiting for a longer time than expected please contact customerservice@beewiseapp.com.

The Beewise app has 5 diversified thematic portfolios that app users can invest in, namely:

  • Technology
  • Breakthrough Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Smart Cities
  • Future Generations

Each thematic portfolio has three different fund profiles: Conservative, Balanced and Aggressive. Depending on the information filled in during the onboarding, we assess what the most suitable investor profile is for you. This allows us to recommend certain fund profiles to help you make the best investment decision.

In the Beewise app, you can find under each portfolio a short description of what the portfolio invests in. You can also find more detailed information about the Beewise portfolios in the prospectus and the KIID on the app or on our website in the portfolios section. If you still have questions after this you can contact us at support@beewiseapp.com and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

All Beewise portfolios are managed by the Azimut global team. This is a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that manages all portfolios to their best ability.

The past performance of Beewise portfolios is based on the daily net asset value (NAV). In simple terms, this means that we use the daily price of our portfolios to create a timeline of the past performance of our portfolios over time. The past performance of your personal investment is created with the same methodology but takes into account your investment transactions.

When you sign up for the app, we ask you to answer a few simple questions about your financial situation, knowledge, and previous investment experience. Based on your answers, we assess what the most suitable investor profile is for you. This allows us to recommend certain fund profiles to help you make the best investment decision.

Usually, a warning message will pop up when you try investing in a portfolio that has a higher fund profile than recommended. This does not mean that you cannot invest in a higher fund profile but we do want you to be aware that you are consciously deciding to increase your fund profile beyond what is recommended to you.

For each investment, you can decide to donate 1% of your investments. These donations go to WeForest to support their reforestation projects. You can donate by going to “Donations” in your Profile Dashboard and activating donations for any of your goals.

WeForest is an international NGO dedicated to planet reforestation in the tropics.

While WeForest is primarily dedicated to reforestation, we were very intrigued by the fact that they also contribute to the achievement of all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That’s why we decided to partner up with WeForest. Their work aligns with Beewise’s aim to create a community that wants to make a difference through their investments. We really believe in the power of our community, and hope that together we can help restore our planet.

Beewise has partnered up with WeForest with the purpose of supporting reforestation. At the moment we have committed to one of their projects based in Brazil. We want to help WeForest obtain the necessary funds to restore the Tietê Forests. Going in a bit more detail, we would like to share with you the project’s main goals:

  • Protect water resources and improve the water supply for local communities, transitioning the region away from the use of herbicides that can have long-term damaging effects on biodiversity, water bodies and humans.
  • Increase forest cover by restoring riparian (riverbank) forests, establishing wildlife corridors to boost biodiversity.
  • Scale up from four to around 15 municipalities over time. The first phase aims to restore 2000 hectares on AES Tietê landholdings (representing around 4 000 000 trees). The total landscape at this side of the Tietê watershed could eventually encompass around 15 municipalities.

To find out more about this great project, you can visit the WeForest website.


You can create budgets by going to the Spending Dashboard of the Beewise app. Here you will see your monthly budget, and in case you do not have one yet you can create it here. Within this monthly budget, you have the option to create category-specific monthly budgets too, which can be very useful to have a better understanding of which categories you tend to spend too much on or less than expected.

A Politically Exposed Person is a natural person who works or has ceased to work for less than a year at a public office, as well as their family members and those with notoriously close ties.

Unfortunately, at the moment, if you hold a position of this type you cannot invest with the Beewise app.

If you would like to find out more about our other investment services we offer, you can go to www.azimut.it to discover other opportunities we have in store for you.

Roles/offices that are considered to be significant, even if they are not definable as PEP, are those that are able to exercise considerable influence in the judicial field, in companies owned by public bodies, in the political sphere, or in in any other field related to the public interest.

You are connected to a PEP if you are either a person who holds, jointly with a PEP, the beneficial ownership of a legal entity or has close business ties with a PEP.

MiFID II is an investor regulation that has been created under the European Union in order to protect investors to a greater extent. Through MiFID II we can get a transparent overview of what experience our investors have, what their financial situation is, and what their goals are. It allows us to better assess every investor’s profile and reduce possible risks.

There are three Investor Profiles:

  • Careful: clients who give importance to investment protection. They are therefore willing to have an invested capital with limited growth by accepting a low variability of return.
  • Confident: clients for whom the importance of protecting their invested capital is less important than the need for return. They are therefore willing to have an invested capital with moderate growth in the medium term by accepting an average variability of return.
  • Courageous: clients for whom the importance of capital protection and investment safety is secondary to the expected return. They are therefore willing to tolerate considerable fluctuations in the value of their investments to achieve significant returns over the medium-long term.

PSD2 is a European regulation for electronic payment services that aims at making payments more secure and making financial data more accessible to boost innovation in the financial industry. The PSD2 regulation helps us provide better services to our clients.

Smart tips consist of personalized insights on your budgets and investments to help you throughout your investment journey, and our most recent blogs.

1. Pending: Your funds are being processed.
2. Investment received: Your funds have been received.
3. Investment in progress: Your funds are in the process of being invested.
4. Completed: Your funds have successfully been invested in your Beewise portfolio of choice.
5. Rejected: Your investment has been rejected.

The monthly investment reminder is a setting on the Beewise app that you can activate to regularly make the same investment. When you activate the monthly investment reminder it is important to know that your investments will not be done automatically. You will receive an in-app reminder, and then still have to confirm your investment each time.

UCITS stands for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. These rules make it easier for investment management companies to sell their products within the EU while investors have a higher level of protection. All Beewise portfolios are UCITS-compliant.

Conservative funds are typically composed of safer investments, such as cash and bonds, even if a small exposure to stocks can help offset inflation and boost returns. They allocate a large percentage of the total to fixed income securities (generally between 70% and 90%), and the remaining part to equities. It is recommended if your time horizon is relatively short, as your exposure to the frequent stock market fluctuations is strongly limited.

Balanced funds typically have the same exposure to fixed income and equity securities, as they try to exploit opportunities from both asset classes. They can slightly favor one asset class over the other in case of strong views on the market.

Aggressive funds are typically composed of riskier investments in order to generate capital gains. They allocate the vast majority of the total assets to equities (generally between 70% and 90%), and the remaining part to bonds and cash. If your time horizon is medium-to-long, these funds can help you achieve your investment objectives.

PFM (Personal Financial Manager) is a software that allows people to manage their money better. On the Beewise app, the PFM can be found in the Spending Dashboard, and gives you a clearer overview of your personal finances connected to your bank account on the Beewise app. These tools include data visualizations of your personal finances, and categorization of transactions.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. These three factors lie at the core of measuring an investment’s level of sustainability and societal impact.

Here is the legend to interpret our ESG rating:

  • 1 grey leaf: CCC rating (score 0-1.4)
  • 1 grey leaf: B rating (score 1.4-2.9)
  • 1 grey leaf: BB rating (score 2.9-4.3)
  • 1 green leaf: BBB rating (score 4.3-5.7)
  • 2 green leaves: A rating (score 5.7-7.1)
  • 3 green leaves: AA rating (score 7.1-8.6)
  • 4 green leaves: AAA rating (score 8.6-10)

If you delete the Beewise app from your device this will not have any impact on your investments as long as all your personal information stays valid. Your account will still exist even though you have deleted the Beewise app, which means that all your investments in the Beewise app will remain invested until you download the application again on your device to then make changes.

You can contact our customer support at customerservice@beewiseapp.com and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.

Are you experiencing any technical issues? Contact us at support@beewiseapp.com.

Do you have any marketing-related questions? Contact us at marketing@beewiseapp.com.

For those who would like to read more about our privacy policy, you can turn to our website where you can find detailed information about our privacy policy.

Beewise is a safe service, we can guarantee that. All our portfolios are managed by the Azimut Global team of professionals. Furthermore, Beewise is supported by Azimut Holding S.p.A. under the supervision of Banca Italia and Consob. While Beewise’s management company – Azimut Investments S.A. – is regulated by the CSSF.

Beewise is promoted by the Azimut Holding S.p.A. listed Company under the supervision of Banca Italia and Consob and the Management Company – Azimut Investments S.A. – is regulated by the CSSF.

The Beewise brand was launched by Azimut in March 2022. If Azimut Investments S.A. can’t pay, it won’t affect the product’s assets that are kept safe by BNP Paribas, Luxembourg Branch. But if BNP Paribas or someone acting on their behalf can’t pay, there is a risk of financial loss for the product. However, BNP Paribas is required by law to keep their assets separate from the product’s assets, which highly reduces the risk. Furthermore BNP Paribas has a A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s (reference data October 2022) and a default is therefore a rare event.