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7 ways to reignite your creative spark

Methods to boost creativity in everyday life and work.

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Creativity is such a personal topic I’m not sure even where to start giving advice. It is the lifeblood of human expression, although it seems not to be only found in the human species. Creativity is the force that pushes us to innovate, explore, discover, and create. Yet, even the most creative and dedicated person might sometimes run into a wall, and encounter periods of stagnation and burnout. If you call yourself a creator, whether it’s part of your job or not, reigniting your creative spark becomes essential to continue on the journey of self-expression and growth. Are you an artist, writer, musician, filmmaker, or simply someone seeking to infuse more creativity in your life? Here are seven ways of doing it.

Embrace curiosity

Curiosity is one of the cornerstones of creativity. Cultivating a curious, wondering, and explorative mindset is important as it creates the environment where magic will happen. Being creative it’s not about “creating” something per se, it’s all about your approach to life and how you register and elaborate information and inputs. Childlike curiosity, questioning, observing, and seeking new experiences. Curiosity will fuel your creativity by giving you a different approach to things and sparking new ideas and perspectives.

Seek inspiration everywhere

Inspiration is beautiful because it can be found everywhere you look, even in the most unexpected places. Go to unexpected places and open yourself up to the most diverse sources of inspiration beyond your own comfort zone. Explore random art galleries, and go to gallery openings or the most random live performances and theatre plays. if you like reading pick up secondhand books without reading the plot or start listening to different genres of music and opera if you’re into that. For example, last month I walked into a random art gallery in Berlin and picked up one of the leaflets that was laying on the table, that’s how i discovered Lotus, an amazing trilingual poetry and prose political magazine that was printed from the 60s to the late 90s in the arab world, an amazing collection of words and photos from all over the Mediterranean basin. Exposing yourself to new stimuli and discovering different approaches and perspectives on life not only broadens your creative palette but will also push you to explore more different mediums.

Nurture your mind and body

This is very personal, many online coaches and gurus preach that creativity thrives in a healthy mind and body. Some may say that prioritizing self-care practices such as exercising regularly, eating right, and getting adequate sleep will help you avoid burnout and foster creativity. Again I think this is very personal, taking care of your body and soul surely supports mental clarity and emotional well-being, but some of the most famous artists painted or wrote their masterpieces during manic episodes or while paralyzed and strapped to their hospital beds, so you do you.

Experiment freely

Give yourself space to break free from the limitations of fear and failure that you might be imposing on yourself. Try experimenting without being weighed down by judgment or expectations. Remember, there is no perfect art piece, and everyone has to start somewhere. Explore new techniques, styles, and mediums in your artistic and creative endeavors while learning to embrace mistakes rather than seeing them as setbacks.

An example? One of the few pieces I remember from the Acropolis Museum in Athens was a marble stone with some etched letters on it. I don’t recall the exact content of the tombstone, but what sticks in my memory is that the sculptor didn’t measure it correctly. As a result, half of the last word had to be crammed into the last 20cm of the piece, giving it such a contemporary and interesting look that would have been lost on a “perfect” creation.

Connect with fellow creatives

The people you surround yourself with can create a supportive community of fellow creatives who understand how creativity works, how to give each other encouragement and feedback, and how to offer collaboration opportunities to the people in their circles and networks. Talk to people at the events you go to, join online rooms or local meetups. Sharing is caring, and sharing your experiences with people and like-minded individuals will foster inspiration and a sense of camaraderie.

Stay curious and persistent

As we said before, creativity is not a destination, it’s not even a journey, it’s just what it is at any set moment in time, and nothing more. Embrace the process of finding your creativity with patience, resilience, and an insatiable thirst for new things and deeper knowledge. Stay curious about your craft and its ramifications and learn how they impact the world around you and your perception of it. Celebrate your successes and learn from your setbacks, persisting in pursuing your creative vision exactly as you see it and how it works for you. It’s trial and error, like everything in life.

Reigniting your creative spark is a process and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it. An ongoing commitment to nurturing your innate curiosity and imagination will take you places. Embrace your creative process with an open heart and a curious mind, and let your imagination move beyond the boundaries you set.

Laura Ghiretti
May 2024