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9 habits of highly effective people

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What separates highly effective people from the rest? Is it talent, luck, or something else entirely? Usually, the answer revolves around their habits. People who define themselves as successful, or are perceived as so, share some common sets of habits that push them towards success, regardless of their background or lifestyle. We will explore some of these habits and offer you some practical advice that could resonate with people from diverse walks of life.

1. Have a proactive mindset

Effective people understand the importance of having full control of their lives. By embracing a proactive mindset you’ll be able to react faster to external circumstances. You can start by identifying your priorities and taking small steps towards your goals. Remember, often it’s not about where you start, but how you decide to approach it. Take action whenever you feel you might need to, want to get into arts? Have been thinking about doing kickboxing or opening an online shop? Just do it, don’t wallow too much in ideas as you might lose the spur of the moment.

2. Cultivate effective communication

Training yourself to be an effective communicator will equip you with a universal skill that transcends all fields and backgrounds. Whether you’re a freelancer, a CEO or an entry-level employee. The ability to express yourself correctly, clearly and most importantly to listen actively is essential. And keep in mind that there is more than face-to-face communication, if you work from home you might find yourself talking mostly over emails, messages and video calls. These are too forms of communication that need to be worked on.

3. Prioritise tasks

Being good at time management is crucial, it might not be the easiest skill to work on, but there are a few tricks and improvements that anyone can put into use with enough commitment. Use tools like to-do lists or time blocking to prioritise tasks, and learn to say no to less important commitments. Try to take on one thing at a time, but do it wisely. You’ll realise it takes less time to do things once and fast, than waiting unti the last minute while wasting your time.

4. Think win-win

What is thinking win-win? Successful people understand the immense value of collaboration and cooperation. Working with others and leveraging diverse skills and perspectives can lead to innovative solutions and significant achievements. Collaborating with the people around you fosters creativity, can enhance problem-solving capabilities, and helps you achieve results greater and better than what an individual can achieve alone. We live in a highly interconnected world, collaboration is not a cool skill to have, it’s a critical factor when it comes to achieving your goals.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Truly successful people know how to value and listen to other people’s perspectives before sharing their own: this not only fosters better relationships but also results in more meaningful conversations and solutions. Try to teach yourself the skill of active listening, people like to talk but most importantly like to be listened to. Ask questions and try to understand others’ perspectives and opinions. It is also a lesson in empathy, as it is through attentive listening that successful individuals not only gain valuable insights but also foster collaboration, understanding, and the potential for innovative solutions.

6. Take care of yourself

Another habit successful people recognize as important is well-being. This refers to the whole spectrum of “well-being” including physical and mental health. You’re already well aware that your overall well-being, including physical and mental health, plays a pivotal role in your ability to achieve and maintain your success. Eating and living healthy, practising mindfulness, or spending time for yourself and your hobbies: all of these acts of self-care ensure you’ll have the mental clarity and energy to excel.

7. Embrace continuous learning

Something that is quite accessible to everyone is learning. Successful people recognize that the world is constantly evolving, and in order to be on top, you’ll have to evolve as well. Personal growth and professional development will be fueled by keeping yourself adaptable and striving for innovation and change. Whether it’s reading, attending seminars, taking courses, or simply seeking out new experiences, you should embrace the mindset that learning is a lifelong journey, and that commitment to knowledge is a hallmark of enduring success.

8. Practice gratitude

Practicing some kind of mindfulness and gratitude ritual can help you immensely as well. We’ve talked about it plenty of times in other articles. Gratitude is a powerful tool for maintaining a positive mindset, it will help you foster resilience and appreciate your journey towards success. Appreciate the people around you, the experiences that have brought you where you are right now will help you feel more grounded and to find renewed motivation to reach even greater heights. Gratitude acts as a reminder that success is not only about the destination but also the enriching experiences along the way.

9. Begin with the end in mind

Having a clear vision of their goal is of paramount importance to a successful individual. It will provide you with a sense of purpose as well as act as a powerful motivational force. Having a set goal will help you to break down the path to success into more manageable steps, creating a journey that is more attainable and might feel less overwhelming. Imagine having a step-by-step roadmap, it will ensure that you stay on course despite how turbulent the waters or challenging the terrain might be.

Laura Ghiretti
December 2023